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Lakhs of people are suffering from dreaded diseases like cancer and kidney failure these days. Rich people can afford to save themselves by spending money for treatment, but lot of poor people are dying everyday as they cannot afford for treatment of such diseases, Among these, children and youth are facing the brunt of the situation, It is very rare to find a person who heals problems and gives succor hand to the needy people. Dr, M. Anand Kumar Nixon who hails from Banaswadi of Bangalore had started "Omega Rehabilitation Trust" in this perspective and has been helping poor patients suffering from kidney/renal failure to undergo dialysis.

As we all know, dialysis is an imperative treatment and the only other option left is kidney transplant which poor sections of the society really cannot afford.

Dr. M. Anand Kumar, during his visit to hospital to get treatment for his kidney failure happened to see a poor young man suffering from some disease breathing his last/met his death as he was unable to afford for dialysis treatment.

Aggrieved by this incident, visibly upset Dr. M. Anand Kumar made an introspection — "my life was saved because I had money and my wife donated a kidney; but what about the poor plight of downtrodden children and youth?" and that led him to decide to bear dialysis expenses for the poor kidney patients in future.

Dr, M. Anand Kumar, working as a distributor for IDEA mobile company started Omega Rehabilitation Trust in 2011 and is bearing dialysis expenses for 18 patients continuously till now. Not just that, he is taking care of education expenses of children of suffering patients, and their household expenses too.

It is necessary for a kidney failure patient to undergo dialysis 12 times (weekly 3times) in a month. Each time cost comes around Rs. 1400 to Rs. 1500. Dr. M. Anand Kumar whose income varies from Rs, 40000/- to Rs. 50000/- pm, many times mortgaged his wife's jewelry to facilitate dialysis expenses of poor patients.

His wife Anitha Anand who has been very supportive of his novel service since the start, wishes that the trust should extend its helping hand to many more poor and needy patients. already many patients are inline to avail the service, which certainly needs lot of financial backing. Dr. M. Anand Kumar had expressed his displeasure as he is unable to bear huge expenses single handed, without any govt or NGO or Corporate assistance in serving cause of humanity.